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June 16, 2020
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Professional Grade Microphone Cable by Fat Toad

Whether for use with your XLR connection microphone, powered speaker or other compatible device, Geeks from offered a professional grade mic cables will keep you rockin’!  Boasting a high quality XLR female connector on the one end and an XLR male connector on the other, these microphone cords are perfect for recording studios, audio engineers, professional or amateur musicians and home studios.

The Fat Toad microphone XLR cable measures twenty (20) feet long and have a XLR male connector on one end and a XLR female connector on the other end. Every Fat Toad XLR Microphone Cable features a 12-strand copper conductor, and all of the XLR mic cable’s copper wiring is oxygen-free 20 AWG (American Wire Gauge). A 64-strand of braided copper coated aluminum shielding provides excellent shielding with optimal reduction of any electrostatic hum. The Fat Toad XLR Microphone Cable has a super low signal resistance. This provides a powerful, clean signal while at the same time offering great flexibility.

Superb Noise Cancellation

Featuring super low signal resistance, each of these 20 ft long mic cables offers superior clarity and freedom from outside noise interference promising an exceptional, impeccable sound, every time. The 12 strand copper conductor and 64 strands of braided copper coated aluminum shielding ensure superb noise protection and minimum electrostatic hum.

Oxygen-Free Copper Wiring

Boasting oxygen-free, 20 AWG copper wiring, these professional XLR cables offer the highest standard of purity and are designed to meet the requirements of even the most demanding audiophiles. Perfect for audio applications, these microphone cords combine flexibility with durability.

Make a Smart Purchase

If you are looking for the highest quality microphone XLR cords that will deliver every single time, without costing a fortune, you need look no further! Fat Toad microphone cable was designed for the hard-touring musician or professional audio engineer, these shielded, low noise microphone cables are a safe and reliable choice that you won’t regret.

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